About Me

Growing up on a beautiful island off the east coast, full of farms, fresh vegetables, and foodie parents who made it a point to cook with my sister and I, it was inevitable that I would become a food lover. I love learning about nutrition and have always been drawn to living a nourished and active lifestyle.

I am a firm believer that food is natures best medicine. As a gardener, traveler, yogini and photographer, I am proud to fully encompass this lifestyle of following my heart and I couldn’t be happier that it led me to helping others through REAL FOOD!

My passion for nutrition is rooted in a holistic approach that aims to heal the body from the inside out. To increase energy, and achieve balance naturally. My main focus includes increasing the body’s balance in alkalinity, consuming a personalized diet based largely of natural foods, increasing efficient digestion, and supportive, guided, ongoing cleansing.

I am currently a private chef based in Santa Barbara, California and enjoy playing in the kitchen to create beautiful and balanced meals. I am on a lifelong personal journey of food, health and wellness, and I hope to inspire others to do the same!

Cheers to your health!